Welcome to my topology blog, one of my several math blogs. Thank you for visiting.

The blog has been in existence since 2009. Many thanks to all those who recommend or refer my blog to others, e.g. members of the math stack exchange community and other forums. This blog is a place for me to write about various topics in general topology (point-set topology). This blog is not intended as a research blog. The focus is usually on fairly basic topological notions – normal spaces, compact spaces, Lindelof property, metrizability, product spaces, and function spaces, just to name a few. I tend to write on topics or problems or examples that interest me. But there is a lot of contents in my blog that are geared toward readers taking courses in topology. So everyone should find something that interests him/her. I graduated from Auburn University with a PhD in mathematics.

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Dan Ma,

    Could you tell me if the construction of Bernstein sets is possible in $\mathbb{R}^2$?
    Mitch Voicoup

  2. Hi Dan Ma
    Your blog is indeed very useful and informative, specially your analysis and proofs of results.
    Please could you attach a pdf format of your blogs (collective one, if possible), so that the readers can conveniently download and use them as Lecture notes or research notes.
    Best regards

    Liaqat Ali Khan

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